1. Level (Type) of work:

Qualifying graduate thesis/Master thesis.


2. Topic:

Study of crystal structure and atomic dynamics of molecular crystal of resorcinol at high pressures in a wide temperature range.


3. Work objective:

Investigation of changes in the crystal structure of molecular crystal of resorcinol at high pressures and temperatures by X-ray (synchrotron) radiation diffraction techniques, determination of structural parameters, obtaining of pressure dependences of lattice parameters, construction of Р-Т phase diagram.


4. Short description:

Among the topical problems in modern physics of condensed matter are the studies of structure and atomic dynamics of the crystals containing molecular ions. Scientific interest to these compounds is connected with a wide range of unique physical phenomena observed in them under the action of high pressures and temperatures. On the other hand, molecular crystals have important technological applications and are actively used in modern pharmacology. Resorcinol compound С6H4(OH)2 is a widely used raw material for antiseptic and dermatological medications. An important problem in the production of pharmacological medications is the stability of an initial raw material in the process of manufacturing of an end product: at tableting, local heating, etc. At T>100°C in resorcinol a polymorphic phase transition is observed, whose characteristics strongly depend on external conditions: pressure, conditions of synthesis, "age" of raw material. A detailed study of crystal structure and atomic dynamics of resorcinol at high pressures and temperatures can give information on the stability/instability of initial modification, provide data on phase transitions in this compound, construct phase diagram in a wide range of pressures and temperatures.


5. Basic facilities and software

X-ray energy-dispersive diffractometer F2.1 (DESY, Hamburg, Germany), diffractometer at the experimental station "Mediana" (RRC "KI", Moscow, Russia), X-ray diffractometer for investigations at high pressures (Bavarian Geoinstitute, Bayreuth, Germany), Raman spectrometer (Bavarian Geoinstitute, Bayreuth, Germany)


6. Results:

Preparation of publications and reports to conferences on the basis of the obtained results.

Defense of Diploma thesis.


7. Minimum required time: 1 year


8. Supervisors:

Sergei Yevgenjevich Kichanov

PhD in Technical Sciences


9. Contact phone number and e-mail:

Tel: +7-49621-62047, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IBR-2 Status OFF

The operation of the IBR-2 reactor and access to its experimental instruments have been suspended
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