1. Level (Type) of work:

Qualifying graduate thesis/Master thesis.


2. Topic:

Study of structural phase transitions in complex manganese oxide Pr0.15Sr0.85MnO3 at high pressures.


3. Work objective:

Investigation of structural changes in Pr0.15Sr0.85MnO3 by neutron and X-ray (synchrotron) radiation diffraction techniques, determination of structural parameters in various phases, obtaining of pressure dependences of lattice parameters, valence bonds and angles, construction of Р-Т phase diagram. Analysis of interrelation of structural changes and changes in the character of magnetic ordering.


4. Short description:

Complex oxides of manganese R1-xAxMnO3 (R – rare-earth element, A – alkaline-earth element) show various physical phenomena. A comprehensive study of these phenomena is one of the high-priority research directions in modern physics of condensed matter. The compound Pr0.15Sr0.85MnO3 with decreasing temperature undergoes a structural phase transition from the ideal cubic perovskite structure to the deformed tetragonal modification, which is connected with the formation of orbital ordering and long range antiferromagnetic ordering.


5. Basic facilities and software

Neutron diffractometer


6. Results:

Preparation of publications and reports to conferences on the basis of the obtained results.

Defense of Diploma thesis.


7. Minimum required time: 1 year


8. Supervisors:

Denis Petrovich Kozlenko

Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences


9. Contact phone number and e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. (49621) 63783