1. Level (Type) of work:

Qualifying graduate thesis/Master thesis.


2. Topic:

Study of structure of high-temperature oxygen ion conductor Eu2+xZr2-xO7-x/2.


3. Work objective:

Investigation of structural changes in Eu2+xZr2-xO7-x/2 by neutron diffraction techniques. Determination of structural parameters of the samples – coordinates of atoms, occupancy of crystal sites synthesized under various temperatures. Analysis of interrelation of structural changes and changes in the character of ionic conduction.


4. Short description:

Compounds with the structure of pyrochlore A2+xB2-xO7-x/2 are promising materials for application in various fields: solid electrolytes, oxygen electrodes, semiconductor electrodes, resistors. Ionic and electronic conduction of these materials depends on the x parameter of the composition and temperature of synthesis. Depending on the composition, the crystal structure of the compound changes as well. Knowledge of peculiarities of the structure makes it possible to determine the mechanism of ionic conduction.


5. Basic facilities and software:

Neutron diffractometer, software for treatment and analysis of results: VMRIA, FD, MULSP, Diamond, Orijin.


6. Results:

Preparation of publications and reports to conferences on the basis of the obtained results.

Defense of Diploma thesis.


7. Minimum required time: 1 year


8. Supervisors:

Anatolii Ivanovich Beskrovnyi

PhD in Phys. and Math. Sciences


9. Contact phone number and e-mail:

+749621-65314, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.