1. Level (Type) of work: Qualifying graduate thesis/Master thesis; PhD thesis.

Requirements to candidates: specialized education, average grades of not less than 4.5.


2. Topic: Study of the mechanism of neutron-induced nuclear reactions with charged-particle emission.


3. Work objective: Carrying out of measurements of total and partial cross-sections, angular distributions of charged particles from the (n, q) reaction in a wide range of neutron energies.

Study of the contribution of different mechanisms of the reaction at various neutron energies. Determination of alpha-particle optical potential parameters.


4. Short description: The given studies are of importance for both basic research (structure of atomic nuclei, mechanisms of nuclear reactions, parameters of optical potentials) and applied investigations in nuclear engineering. Measurements of the (n,α) reaction for medium-mass nuclei and heavy (A~150) nuclei will provide experimental data for choosing parameters of global alpha-nucleus optical potential, which can significantly improve the accuracy of calculations of the processes involving α-particles at astrophysical temperatures (in particular, the so-called p-process). At present, such estimates made using different models differ almost by a factor of 10, whereas calculations of the reactions involving protons and gamma-quanta give the scatter in values within a factor of 2.


5. Basic facilities and software: Basic experiments will be carried out on fast neutron beams of Van de Graaff accelerators, namely at EG-5 (FLNP JINR) and EG-4.5 (Peking University, China); measurements with resonance neutrons will be performed at the IREN facility (FLNP JINR).

Detectors for direct registration of charged particles, spectrometric electronics with measuring modules for acquisition and accumulation of multiparameter information and state-of-the-art software for data analysis (Kmax, TALYS, …) are used.


6. Results: Preparation of publications and reports to conferences on the basis of obtained results.

Preparation and defense of Diploma and PhD theses.


7. Minimum required time: 1 - 3 years


8. Supervisors: Gledenov Yrii Mikhailovich, Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences


9. Contact phone number and e-mail:

+7-49621-62113, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.