1. Level (Type) of work: Qualifying graduate thesis/Master thesis.


2. Topic: Spectroscopy of gamma-radiation of radiative capture of neutrons by lead isotopes and study of energy dependence of its intensity in the neutron energy range of 0.01 - 100 eV.


3. Work objective: Observation of peculiarities of the course of the energy dependence of radiative neutron capture cross-section of lead isotopes for the purpose of isotopic identification of the parity violation effect discovered in the experiments on interaction of thermal neutrons with lead.


4. Short description: In the process of radiative neutron capture the nuclei of lead isotopes comprising a sample under investigation transit to an excited state. Spectra of gamma-quanta emitted in the process of de-excitation have features characteristic for each isotope. This makes it possible to study the energy dependence of cross-sections of radiative neutron capture by lead isotopes on the basis of the results from gamma-quantum spectrum measurements and using neutron time-of-flight spectroscopy.


5. Basic facilities and software: Correlation gamma-spectrometer "COCOS" on a 10-m fight path of channel 3 of the IREN neutron source, multidimensional measuring module, PC - program "Lada".


6. Results: Precision measurement of gamma-quantum spectrum of radiative neutron capture by nuclei of lead isotopes on a neutron beam in the energy range of 0.01 – 100 eV and interpretation of experimental data.


Preparation and defense of Diploma thesis.


7. Minimum required time: 1 year


8. Supervisors: Gundorin Nikolai Alexeyevich


9. Contact phone number and e-mail:

+7-49621-63069, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.