1. Level (Type) of work: Qualifying graduate thesis/Master thesis; PhD thesis.


2. Topic: Physical and mathematical simulation and physical calibration of detectors for space vehicles.


3. Work objective: Participation in the development, construction and carrying out of physical calibration of detectors for space vehicles in cooperation with the Space Research Institute (SRI) of RAS (Moscow, Russia).


4. Short description: For more than 10 years the FLNP specialists have been working in cooperation with Laboratory ?503 of SRI RAS under the direction of I.G.Mitrofanov. During these years the specialists of FLNP, LRB and other JINR divisions participated in the development and construction of the devices, which successfully operate aboard NASA space vehicles, namely: High Energy Neutron Detector HEND (http://www.iki.rssi.ru/hend/) and Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector LEND (http://ps.iki.rssi.ru/lend.htm). At present, work is in progress on two more devices for the Russian mission Phobos-Grunt and NASA exploration program “Mars Science Laboratory” and in prospect till 2015 it is expected that we’ll participate in the design and construction of a device for the NASA mission to Mercury. During the work on a qualifying graduate/PhD thesis one should study the mechanisms of origin of ionizing radiation in space and on the surface of planets, methods and devices for detecting IR, should study the available techniques of calibrating IR detectors and take part in the development of new ones.


5. Minimum required time: 1 year (graduate thesis)/3 years (PhD thesis).


6. Supervisors: V.N.Shvetsov, PhD in Phys. and Math. Sciences, FLNP Deputy Director


7. Contact phone number and e-mail:

+7-49621-65925, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.