1. Level (Type) of work: Qualifying Degree/Master thesis


2. Topic: Simulation and optimization of new small-angle neutron spectrometers.


3. Work objective: Development of a concept and calculation of a new small-angle spectrometer with two collimation systems. Consideration of efficiency of application of cold moderator as an additional neutron source to warm moderator: applications of multiple beam extraction system.


4. Short description: A new small-angle spectrometer is planned to be constructed at the IBR-2M reactor. This spectrometer will have 2 collimation systems: the first one is neutron-optical and the second one is a standard two-slit system. The Monte Carlo method will be used to choose and optimize geometry of the spectrometer using the VITESS program. We expect to obtain better resolution of the instrument and greater neutron flux on a sample in combination with a low background as compared to the available spectrometer.


5. Required skills and knowledge: General physics, programming in a high-level language (С/C++ or similar), skill to develop algorithms, good logical thinking.


6. Minimum required time: 1-2 years


7. Supervisors: Manoshin Sergei


8. Contact phone number and e-mail:

89105866713, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.