Instrument Responsible:

Goremychkin Eugeny A.
Russia, Moscow reg., Dubna, Joliot-Curie str., 6
tel. +7 (49621) 6-54-86
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Traditional directions of experimental work carried out and developed on the spectrometer are:

1. Study of liquid metals (Na, Ga, Pb, K, Li) and liquid-metal systems with impurities (melts K-O, Pb-K, Na-Pb, Li-H).

2. Studies of water ionic and hydrophobic solutions, including aqueous dispersions of carbon particles (fullerenes, schungite, soot).

3. Studies of quantum liquids in "bulk" state, and in confined geometry and films 4He of atomic thickness.

4. Studies of multicomponent crystalline and amorphous systems, including solid solutions, metallic oxides and hydrides, superionic conductors and triple impurity systems.

 5. Studies of reactor materials in a wide temperature range to improve security level of Nuclear Power Setups.

Time of flight diffraction mode on spectrometer DIN-2PI was, in particular, used to obtain structural information about the melts K, Na, Pb, Pb-K, Na-Pb, Li-N.


 Basic parameters

Moderator water, 300 К
Distance from moderator to the sample, m 20.023
distance from the sample to the detector, m 7.0
Scattering angles 5° – 135°
dimensions of the beam on the sample, mm2 70 × 120
neutron flux at the sample for Е0 = 10 meV, cm-2 s-1 103
The range of incoming energies, meV 1 – 30
The energy resolution ΔЕ0/Е0, % 4 – 10
The ratio of effect / background in the elastic peak for a standard vanadium sample, Е0 = 50 мэВ 2000


Sample environment

DIN 2PI has a dedicated bottom loading closed-cycle refrigerator operating between 5K and 300K, which offers the best performance in terms of background. 



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