Instrument Responsible:
Lukin Evgeny
Russia, Moscow reg., Dubna, Joliot-Curie str., 6
Tel. +7 (49621) 6-20-47
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Group Staff


1 – moderator
2 – background chopper
3 – curved neutron guide
4 – straight neutron guide
5 – collimator
6 – detector system
7 – refrigerator
8 – experiment control system
9 – data transfer
10 – data acquisition system based on PC.


Main research fields.
1. Crystal structure of condensed matter under high pressure.
2. Magnetic structure of magnetic materials under high pressure.
3. Investigations of small-volume samples by neutron diffraction in a wide temperature range.


 Main parameters:


The Neutron Flux on Sample Place

(measured by gold foils activation method)

~3.5 × 107 n/cm2/s

The Characteristic TOF Distance

30.5 m

The Achievable D-Spacing Range

at scattering angle 2q = 90°:

at scattering angle 2q = 42°:


0.5–5.7 Å

1.8–11.2 Å

Resolution Dd/d (for the d = 2 Å)

at 2q = 90°:

at 2q = 42°:




The Typical Data Collection Time:

Sample under ambient conditions, V~50 mm3

Sample in high-pressure cell with sapphire anvils, V~1 mm3

Sample in high-pressure cell with diamond anvils, V~0.01 mm3


0.1 h

2–4 h

20–40 h

The Available Pressure Range in Experiments

high-pressure cell with sapphire anvils

high-pressure cell with diamond anvils


12 GPa

50 GPa

The Available Temperature Range

The cryostat based on a closed-cycle helium refrigerator


5–320 K


Enlarged schematic layout of detector and sample environment systems of the DN-6 diffractometer. The 90-deg. scattering angle detector section (1), the low scattering angle detector section (2), the horizontal cryostat (3) and sample and high-pressure cell holders fixed on the movable slider are shown. The diffractometer components are mounted on a mechanical support cage.


Sample environment.
1. Cryostat based on closed-cycle helium refrigerator. Temperature range 4-300 K.
2. High-pressure cells based on technology of sapphire and diamond anvils. Pressure range up to 10 GPa & up to 40 GPa, respectively.



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