Reflectometer of polarized neutrons



Instrument Responsible:

Valentin Sadilov
tel. +7 (496) 216-42-41
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Group Staff



Expected parameters of the REFLEX reflectometer after completion of modernization 


Beam forming 27 m supermirror neutron guide, m=1.2;
Beam cross section 10×80 mm2
Wavelength range, Å 1.4 - 10
Momentum transfer range, Å-1 0.001- 0.13
Neutron flux at sample position, s-1сm-2 105
Q-resolution, % 3 - 10
Max flight path (moderator-detector), m 43
Sample-detector distance, m 2 - 4
Min. sample size 20x20 mm2
Magnetic field at sample position, T <0.4
Spin flippers 2 RF Adiabatic
Polarizer V-cavity based on Fe/Si supermirror 
Analyzer FeCo/TiZr, 2m supermiror
Detector system 2D 200x200 mm2 He3 PSD;
2 He3 single counter