PhD, Director FLNP

Proposal on the opening of the new theme “Development of the Conceptual Design of the New JINR Advanced Neutron Source”

Within the framework of the development of JINR’s strategic long-range plan and Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR 2017-2023 FLNP works on the development of the conceptual design of the new advanced neutron source, which have to replace IBR-2 after finishing its lifetime in mid-thirties of the current century. At the same time an international working group was established to elaborate the ambitious scientific program for the new source. In order to regulate this activity FLNP proposes to open the new theme with the conditional name “Development of the critical design report for the new Dubna Neutron Source (DNS-IV)”. In case of PAC and following Scientific Council approval of the FLNP proposal all necessary documents will be presented at the 50th meeting of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics on June 17 2017.