Ivo Safarik
Department of Nanobiotechnology, Biology Centre, Academy of Sciences, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

Magnetic techniques in biosciences and biotechnology

Magnetically responsive materials exhibit several types of responses to external magnetic field. Such materials can find many interesting applications in various areas of biosciences and biotechnology. The presentation will at first summarize the main characteristic features of magnetically responsive materials from the point of view of a bioscientist. In the second part developed procedures enabling to prepare magnetically responsive materials from diamagnetic particulate and high aspect ratio (bio)materials will be shown. Finally, the magnetic materials based research at the Department of Nanobiotechnology will be presented, showing the achieved results in main disciplines, namely in biochemistry, microbiology, algology, biotechnology, catalysis, polymer chemistry, (nano)textile research, (bio)analytical chemistry, environmental technology and medicine.