NCPS Solaris and current status of SOLCRYS beamline
Maciej KOZAK
National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS, Jagiellonian University, Czerwone Maki 98, 30-392 Kraków, Poland

NCPS Solaris is a modern, low emittance synchrotron radiation source based on the storage ring (1.5 GeV) built in Double-Bend Achromat technology. The facility since 2017 is open for users, and currently offering two beamlines - ultra angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (UARPES) and  PEEM/XAS. Next two beamlines (XMCD and XPS) are in construction or installation phase. The plans for the development of the NCPS include the construction of further beamlines.

Currently, in cooperation with JINR Dubna, the design works for a modern beamline – SOLCRYS, dedicated for diffraction studies and small-angle X-ray scattering have been initiated. SOLCRYS beamline will utilize a superconducting multipole 4-Tesla wiggler as the efficient X-ray source (up to 25 keV). The synchrotron radiation beam from the source will be divided into two independent branches. During the seminar the details of the project and recent results of numerical simulations of X-ray optics for both branches, carried out using the ray-tracing method will be presented.