Dear Colleague, we are pleased to announce the 9th International Conference “Physics of Liquid Matter. Modern Problems” (PLMMP-2020) which will be held on May 22-26, 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine.


PLMMP is a long-standing biennial conference for scientists working in the field of liquid matter, and it attracts a wide range of international speakers and delegates. We hope that the scientific program, including a broad array of topics will live up to your expectations. participation in the Conference will offer you the opportunity to meet up with your colleagues, friends and renowned specialists in the field from all over the World.


Wagner A. Alves (Brazil)
Mikhail Anisimov (USA)
Philip Camp (UK)
Valery Ilyin (Israel)
Peter Kopcansky (Slovak Republic)
Roderick Melnik (Canada)
Wojciech Nawrocik (Poland)
Lars Pettersson (Sweden)
Michel Rawiso (France)
Wolffram Schröer (Germany)
Vladimir Tsukruk (USA)
Ladislau Vekas (Romania)
Limei Xu (China)
Feng-Shou Zhang (China)
Mikhail Zheludkevich (Germany)
A preliminary list of topics is as follows.


1) Water, aqueous systems. Biomedical aspects.
2) Properties of classical liquids: atomic, molecular, Ionic and ionic-electronic
liquids (molten salts and metals).
3) Quantum liquids.
4) Binary solutions. Polymer and biopolymer solutions.
5) Mixtures of fullerenes and nanotubes with liquids.
6) Colloidal systems: nano-diamonds, magnetic particles and laponite
7) Computer simulation of liquid systems.
8) Phase transitions and critical phenomena in liquids and liquid systems.
9) Radiative aspects of the physics of liquid state.
10) Small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering in liquids and liquid systems.

Other information is available on the Conference website at:
The full Conference fee is 250 Euros.