Investigations of kinetics of irreversible processes in liquid nanosystems

Tropin T.V. (FLNP JINR)


We present the results of investigation and description of the two characteristic processes, actual for the modern physics of condensed state of matter: glass transition and aggregation of nanoparticles.The late realization of experiments with fast cooling and heating of glass-forming systems opened new directions of research and posed some new questions. Theoretical investigation of a model systems glass transition in a wide range of cooling/heating rates q was made, the dependencies of basic characteristics of the process on the rates of temperature and pressure were studied. The description of polystyrene glass transition in a wide q range is discussed. Further, the results of kinetic and structural investigations of aggregation of the carbon nanoparticles, fullerenes, in solutions of different polarity are presented. Theoretical description of kinetic processes in these systems is discussed. Finally, some results of investigation of the glass transition and structural organization of nanoparticles in thin films of polystyrene-fullerene nanocomposites using reflectometry are presented.


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