The concept of a fast pulsed reactor IBR-4

Yu. Pepelyshev, A. Vinogradov, A. Rogov, S. Sidorkin


The high-flow pulse reactor operating in the Laboratory of Neutron Physics ИБР-2М with a neutron flux density of ~ 1013 n/(cm2 s) by the end of the 2030s will be exhausted and will be stopped. Instead ИБР-2М different versions of pulse neutron sources with flux density at the level of modern requirements of neutron physics ~ 1014 n/(cm2 s) are offered. The main drawback is the need to undertake significant development work with difficult to predict the final results. As an alternative to the above-mentioned proposals, the concept of a neutron source is given in the work, the essence of which is that the source should be feasible, reliable and safe with minimal development. These conditions involve the full use of technical solutions already ready and tested at other nuclear facilities. As a basis for further consideration, a brief conceptual description of such a source, a pulse reactor of periodic operation ИБР-4, is provided.


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