"Is it possible to create UCN source at pulsed reactor?"

A.I.Frank, N.V. Rebrova, G.V. Kulin


It is known that ultracold neutrons (UCN) were first observed by Shapiro's group in an experiment performed on an IBR reactor with an average power of 6 kW. Currently, UCN sources are available or are being constructed in a large number of scientific centers in Europe and America. Unfortunately, Dubna is not among them. The reason for this is clear. A pulse reactor with a megawatt average power at a repetition rate of several pulsed per second does not seem very suitable for this purpose. Its average power is relatively small to create a stationary source, and the repetition rate is too high to accumulate in the trap all the neutrons born in a single pulse. A possible solution to the problem may be to use a combination of a storage trap with a pulse valve, and a time lens that forms a time image of the neutron pulse of the source at the entrance to the trap.

The results of our analysis indicate that a UCN source based on this principle can be created both at the IBR2 M reactor and at the DNS IV reactor under design. The parameters of such a source allow it to take a very worthy place among the world's sources of UCN.



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