"Neutron Activation Analysis of the samples of molluscs: the features and application"

Nekhoroshkov P. S., Bezuidenhout J., Frontasyeva M. V., Zinicovscaia I. I., Yushin N. S., Vergel K. N., Petrik L.


During several years, the neutron activation analysis at the REGATA facility of the IBR-2 was successfully used for estimation of concentrations of macro- and microelements in the samples of mussels and oysters from coastal zone of the South Africa. The ability of the method to determine the element-markers of anthropogenic (Zn, As and Br) and terrigenous component (Sc, Ti, Th) in the soft tissue and shells of molluscs in complex biomonitoring studies was shown. In addition, the differences of accumulation of elements by alien species and indigenous species were found.

The human health risks in mussels consumption (based on guidelines of WHO JECFA, IRIS EPA US) were assessed for such elements as Al, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn, As, Se, Br, Sr, Sb, I and U for the first time for 8 selected coastal zones of South Africa region. At the levels of consumption in more than 300 g per capita per week such elements as Al, Cr, Fe, Co, Zn, As and I revealed the high risks for human health in the zone of Cape Town (St. 5, Hout Bay) and Durban (St. 8).



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