Angular distributions and yields of the gamma quanta emitted in reactions with 14.1 MeV neutrons

(TANGRA project)

N.A. Fedorov

Information about the yields and angular distributions of the gamma quanta emitted by inelastic neutron scattering is important for fundamental and applied science. The yields are needed for evolving rapid elemental analysis techniques, on other hand, yields and angular distributions can be useful in testing theoretical models. On this seminar the measured angular distributions and yields of gamma quanta the TANGRA facility (TAgged Neutrons and Gamma RAys), as well as the features of experimental data processing will be discussied.

A notable feature of the TANGRA project is the usage of industrial neutron generators with the possibility to tag neutrons as neutron sources, which makes it easy to change the geometry of the experiment and test various configurations of the detector systems in order to study various processes.

The tagged neutron method (or associated particle method) (TNM) makes it possible to significantly reduce the background level in the investigated gamma spectra, since it allows one to separate events corresponding to the reactions inside the sample from the background ones caused by reactions in the structural elements of the facility and the surrounding objects by the neutron time of flight.


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