"Specifying high energy tail of 235-U, 239-Pu and 252-Cf prompt fission neutron spectra" focused on proposed experiment"

Martin Schulc


A better knowledge of the prompt fission neutron spectrum (PFNS) from Pu-239 neutron induced fission is important for high-burnup fuels and new generation reactors. This is especially true when considering neutron radiation damage from the PFNS high-energy tail, which can be improved thanks to the measurements of spectrum-averaged cross section (SACS) of well-known high-threshold dosimetry reactions. No SACS measurements exist in Pu-239(nth,f) prompt neutron field. In the latest IAEA evaluation, the extrapolation of Pu-239(nth,f) PFNS to outgoing energies above 8 MeV is based on SACS estimated by interpolation between SACS measured in U-233, U-235 and Cf-252 prompt neutron fields. Proposed experiment focuses on the measurement of SACS in Pu-239 PFNS since there are no experimental data. The Research Centre Rez expert team measured and published many SACS in U-235, and Cf-252 prompt neutron fields.


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