Meeting agenda:


Discussion of works submitted for the 2021 FLNP Competition in the section «Applied and Scientific-methodical research»


  1. Application of the method of neutron resonance analysis for the investigation of archaeological objects. Sedyshev P. V., Simbirtseva N. V., Yergashov A. M., Mazhen S. T., Dmitriev A. Yu., Shvetsov V. N.
  2. High Temperature Superconducting Magnet System with a high-pressure chamber for the DN‑12 diffractometer at the IBR-2 facility operated in magnetic field up to 5 T and a temperature range of 4.5 - 300 K. Chernikov, S. Kulikov, O. Culicov, Buzdavin A.
  3. Development and construction of an experimental station for neutron radiography and tomography at the WWR-K research reactor (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan). V. Lukin, D. P. Kozlenko, S. E. Kichanov, K. M. Nazarov, B. Muhametuly, E. A. Kenzhin, , A. A. Shaimerdenov, E. Bazarbaev, B. N. Savenko
  4. Experimental data analysis methods in correlation RTOF diffractometry at long-pulse neutron source. Bokuchava
  5. Research of radiation hardness of magnetic field’ sensors of TOKAMAKs. Bulavin, E. Shabalin, A. Verkhogliadov, E. Kulagin, S. Kulikov
  6. A data acquisition and synchronization system. Ahmadov G., Berikov D., Kopatch Yu., Nuruyev S., Telezhnikov S.
  7. Method of reducing the level of power oscillation in pulsed reactor «Neptune». Shabalin E.P., Hassan A.A., Rzyanin M.V., Podlesnyy M.М.


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