"Biomonitoring studies in the Moscow region"

Vergel K.N.


The results of biomonitoring of atmospheric deposition of heavy metals in the Moscow region, carried out in the framework of the UNECE ICP Vegetation program are presented in the report.  The current study is already the third one on the territory of the Moscow region, which allows  to evaluate  temporal and spatial changes in the content of heavy metals in mosses.  Application of graphic and statistical methods of analysis to the results obtained made it possible to identify anthropogenic and plant components, as well as the component of the earth's crust as sources of accumulation of chemical elements in mosses.  In addition, the main sources of entry of elements into the air have been identified.  For the study area, indicators have been calculated to evaluate the level of pollution of the study area.  The visualization of the distribution of elements in the study area became possible thanks to the use of modern GIS technologies.


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