"A source of ultracold neutrons slowed down by a magnetic or material UCN trap"

V.V.Nesvizhevsky (Nuclear & Particle Physics Department, ILL, Grenoble, France)

Ultracold neutrons (UCNs) are widely used in the physics of elementary particles and fundamental interactions, and can potentially be used in neutron scattering. However, most of these studies are limited by the available UCN densities and fluxes. One of the ways to increase them, as noted already in the first years of research with UCN, is to use peak fluxes in pulsed neutron sources, orders of magnitude higher than the average. In the present work, the concept of UCN sources is proposed, which makes it possible to implement this idea. We propose to produce very cold neutrons (VCN) in converters located in neutron sources and extract them with low losses. We propose a new way of focusing them in time, as well as their deceleration to UCN energies by an escaping decelerating material or magnetic trap. For both pulsed and permanent neutron sources, this method can provide high conversion efficiency of VCN to UCN.


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