"Super c-tau factory: precision experiments with tau lepton and charmed hadrons"

Vorobyev V.S. (Senior researcher, BINP SB RAS)
Levichev E.B. (Vice-director of BINP SB RAS)
Logashenko I.B. (Vice-director of BINP SB RAS)


The discovery of the Higgs boson in 2021 completed confirmation of the Standard model (SM) of particle physics. However, SM is not the final theory of matter. A major goal of modern high energy physics is search for phenomena beyond SM (BSM) that can manifest itself as the new fundamental particles or via discrepancies between the results of precision measurements and the SM predictions.

The “Crab waist” particle beams collision scheme, proposed in 2006, paved the way for the new generation of colliders - super factories - with a luminosity two orders of magnitude higher than that of modern machines. The super B factory SuperKEKB in Japan and the planned Z and Higgs factory FCC-ee at CERN are based on this principle. The Super c-tau (SCT) factory is a project of the super-factory-class collider aimed at the threshold production of tau leptons and charmed hadrons, their comprehensive and detailed study and the search for the BSM phenomena. The SCT factory project includes longitudinal polarization of the electron beam at the collision point, which significantly enriches the physical program of the experiment.

The presentation includes discussion of the place of the SCT factory in the landscape of modern high energy physics and provides an overview of the physics program and a conceptual design of the accelerator complex and particle detector.

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