1.Marina Frontasyeva (FLNP JINR) and Harry Harmens (UK, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology). About the UNECE International Cooperative Program on Air Pollution Studies in Europe (20 min) 
2.Alexandr Uzhinskiy (LIT JINR). Data Management of the UNECE ICP Vegetation Monitoring Network (20 min)
3.Petr Jancik (FLNP JINR / Ostrava, Czech Republic) Experience in the European Projects on Air Pollution Studies (20 min)
4.Vladislav Svozilik (LIT JINR/Ostrava, Czech Republic) Optimization and verification of the air pollution mathematical modeling using special monitoring and analytical methods (15 min)
5.Odrich Motyka (FLNP JINR/Ostrava,Czech Republic) NAA and ICP-AES: comparison of approaches in biomonitoring campaign (15 min)
6.Jan Bitta (LIT JINR/Ostrava, Czech Republic) Optimization of air pollution dispersion and deposition models and result visualization (15 min)
7.Aneta Krakovska (FLNP JINR) Analysis of spatial data from biomonitoring in industrial areas (15 min)
8.Lenka Gajdosikova (LIT JINR) Neutron Activation Analysis of soil and soil invertebrates as potential bioindicators of anthropogenic pollution (15 min)

Anyone interested is kindly invited.