Ignatovich V.
About presentable pseudoscience on "weak measurements" and others

The  work Y. Aharonov, D. Z. Albert, and L. Vaidman, ``How the Result of a Measurement of a Component of the Spin of a Spin1/ 2 Particle Can Turn Out to be 100'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 60, 1351 (1988) is reported. There a mental experiment of the Stern-Gerach type with a weak magnetic field is considered. The problem is solved mathematically incorrectly, and physical result obtained is absurd. However the work is published in the respectable journal and was accepted by scientific community as “the most perspective method of research in quantum physics”. It is shown how such the problem should  be solved, and some works published in respectable journals under the banner of “weak measurements” are criticized. Other pseudo sciences are also mentioned. In between them are EPR paradox, Bell’s inequalities violation, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation and Kochen-Specker theorem. It is shown that quantum mechanics is incomplete indeed, and possible experiments are discussed.