FLNP Directorate and colleagues heartily congratulate Aleksandr Vinogradov on his jubilee and wish him the very best of health, peace and prosperity, physical and spiritual strength, much happiness and the brightest colors in life, longevity in life and work, good spirits and eternal youth of his heart.

May reliable friends always accompany you and may the love and support of your family will give you strength for new achievements and successes in all future endeavours. Let the work you give to all your experience and knowledges will bring expected results, comfort and enjoyment to you.

On May 16, 2018, the operation for physics experiments of the IBR-2 nuclear research facility was stopped because of a malfunction of technological equipment of the 2nd loop of the sodium cooling system. During the event, the established IBR-2 safe operating limits were not exceeded, and there are no negative consequences for the staff and the environment.
For the period of carrying out the restoration repair work, the IBR-2 reactor is switched to a temporary shutdown mode. The operation of the IBR-2 nuclear facility at a power of 2 MW is planned to be resumed before the end of 2018.

FLNP Chief Engineer

Dear colleagues!

Information about neutron source of the fourth generation ""Superbooster NEPTUN" is available on the FLNP website in the  section "Books" (http://flnph.jinr.ru/images/content/Books/Blok.pdf)

Because of a malfunction in the IBR-2 operation, the IBR-2 reactor will be shut down to undergo repair work until October 1, 2018.