On December 2, the Dissertation Council for Condensed Matter Physics JINR. 04.01.2019.P for the defense of dissertations for PhD and Doctor of Science degrees in specialties: 01.04.01 – Instrumentation and Methods of Experimental Physics and 01.04.07 – Condensed Matter Physics, held its first meeting. The Council is comprised of leading scientists in the field of condensed matter physics and neutron research methods from FLNP, FLNR and BLTP. This was the first defense of a dissertation in JINR, held after the Institute was granted the right to award scientific degrees independently and organize new dissertation councils. In his opening speech, the Chairman of the Council Academician B.Yu.Sharkov addressed the members of the Dissertation Council under FLNP with welcoming words and wishes for successful and fruitful work from JINR Director Academician V.A.Matveev. At the first meeting, Tsolmon Tsogtsaikhan, a researcher from the Nuclear Safety Group, presented and successfully defended his thesis “Research of random disturbances in the reactivity of the IBR-2M reactor” for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics.


FLNP Directorate congratulates all participants of this event on the successful start of the Council’s work!