On November 6, a monument to the Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Nobel Laureate in Physics, the organizer and the long-term head of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics of JINR, Ilya Mikhailovich Frank, was unveiled in Dubna.  The solemn event brought together the leaders of the Institute and the city, veterans of the Laboratory, numerous citizens.

At the opening of the event, Director of FLNP JINR V.N. Shvetsov said: “I am glad that you all have gathered here to share the event with us. Ilya Mikhailovich Frank spent a significant part of his life in Dubna and directed a great many of his efforts to the Laboratory and the city”. Valery Nikolayevich introduced the officials and authors of the monument to the participants of the event: the sculptors E.V. Munts and G.A. Shilin and the architect A.V. Munts.  Speaking on behalf of the JINR Directorate, the Chief engineer of JINR B.N. Gikal noted that “this is not only a monument to an outstanding scientist, this is a page in the history of our Institute. I.M. Frank was among those who organized JINR and created its great name”. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow region V.V. Khromov and the Head of Dubna M.N. Danilov congratulated the people of Dubna with this event. Replacing Ilya Mikhailovich as a laboratory director V.L. Aksenov recalled the history of creation of JINR: “When a little more than 60 years ago it was decided to create an international center here, its organization was entrusted to Dmitry Ivanovich Blokhintsev.  FLNP is the brainchild of Dmitry Ivanovich.  It was here he intended to realize his idea of ​​a unique pulsating reactor.  For this, he invited his fellow student Ilya Mikhailovich Frank.  Why did he choose just Ilya Mikhailovich? The reactor business is very difficult not only from a technical point of view, it is also fraught with some potential dangers. The leader should not only be a competent person, but should also have the backbone.  Ilya Mikhailovich was already a laureate of the Lenin Prize, two years before the Nobel Prize; he did a lot in the framework of the Atomic project, although this activity is not very well known.  Two unique nuclear research reactors were built at FLNP under the leadership of Ilya Mikhailovich, a lot of discoveries were made on them, and good results were obtained.  We must not forget that the responsibility for the operation of reactors was always carried by Ilya Mikhailovich and was carried with dignity, never shifting it to anyone.  

The most important thing in the leadership of Ilya Mikhailovich was a high ethical culture, his respectful, reverent attitude towards employees.  He was equal with everyone, without distinction in ranks and degrees.  His personal influence was of great importance, without which great things cannot be done.  These very qualities laid the boundless memory of him at the Institute, among colleagues and people of the city”.

The chief scientific researcher of FLNP A.I. Frank thanked the creators of the monument and the Administration Services Office of JINR, noted the efforts of the FLNP Directorate: V.N. Shvetsov, A.V. Vinogradov, S.V. Kozenkov with the support of the JINR Directorate and, particularly, V.A.  Matveev.  He also thanked the Head of the city M.N. Danilov, because if the city administration had not been in close contact with the JINR Directorate, the project would not have been implemented.  “A lot of people have gathered here, this means that we remember our teachers.  I bow to you all!”