On December 9, a conference of young scientists and specialists of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics was held in the International Conference Hall of JINR. The applicants for JINR Grants for young scientists and specialists for 2020 and the FLNP employees having won AYSS Grants in 2019 submitted their applications or reports in the form of posters. The Commission, consisting of members of the FLNP Directorate, the Heads of departments and divisions, thoroughly examined the submitted works, and their authors had to answer a lot of questions. The form of the poster session is used at FLNP for the second year as the most optimal form both for the Commission members and for the young employees.

34 young scientists presented their applications at the conference, among them 11 employees with an academic degree, 11 specialists, 3 staff members and 3 reports were made by the AYSS Grant winners of the current year