Date/Place of Birth: March 01, 1968; Tbilisi, Georgia

Citizenship: Russian

Marital Status: Married, two children




Application of high resolution neutron diffraction for:

- investigation of residual stress, texture, phase content, microstress and particle size effects;
- residual stress studies in various engineering components, coatings, welded materials, widely used in nuclear power plant industry;
- calibration of non-destructive methods (ultrasonic and magnetic Barkhausen noise technique) for quantitative stress analysis;
- investigation of fatigue damage in austenitic steel due to cyclic load;
- residual stress studies in advanced materials (composites, functionally graded materials, etc.);
- investigation of material mechanical properties (elastic constants, thermal expansion coefficients and yield strength);
- residual stress analysis after various thermal and mechanical treatments.

Methodical researches:

- neutron diffractometer optimization and sample environment development;
- development of reverse time of flight (RTOF) technique;
- application of the new techniques (e.g. neutron transmission, positron annihilation) for materials investigation.




April 2002 Ph.D. degree in Solid State Physics. Thesis title: “Investigation of internal mechanical stresses by neutron diffraction method”
April 1993 Diploma of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in the field of Solid State Physics. Thesis title: "Neutron diffraction study of the structural phase transition in copper ferrite CuFe2O4"
Certificate of the Training Centre of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) for additional educational course "Condensed Matter Physics by Nuclear Methods"
June 1985 School-leaving certificate: secondary physical-mathematical school (Tbilisi)




July 2002 - Present research scientist in the GKSS research centre (Geesthacht, Germany) and in the Institute for Experimental and Applied Physics of the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel
Nov. 1998 - July 2002 instrument responsible for stress experiments on HRFD and FSD neutron diffractometers in FLNP JINR (Dubna, Russia)
- scientific coordinator of the project on construction of the new Fourier Stress Diffractometer (FSD) at the IBR-2 pulsed reactor in FLNP JINR
- junior researcher in FLNP JINR (Dubna, Russia)
Apr. 1993 - Nov. 1998 junior researcher in the Neutron Research Laboratory of the Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
at the same time permanently worked in Condensed Matter Department of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia)
- instrument responsible for stress experiments on the HRFD diffractometer
- participant of the joint Russian-German project on the construction of the equipment for residual stress studies on the high resolution Fourier diffractometer HRFD at the IBR-2 reactor in FLNP JINR
- participant of the INTAS project Nr.94-3239 "Calibration of volume residual stress measurements by neutron diffraction technique and applications"




Aug. 1999 - Aug. 2000 INTAS young scientist fellowship grant YSF98-161 for the research on residual stress analysis by neutron diffraction
Apr. 1997 First prize winner of the 2nd competition of research work of the JINR young scientists on condensed matter physics
Sept. - Nov. 2001
Nov. - Dec. 1996
Fellowships at EADQ Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-destructive Testing (IzfP) (Dresden, Germany) - X-ray, ultrasonic and magnetic methods for stress analysis




Nov. 2001
Nov. 1999
Experiments for residual stress studies on D1A diffractometer (ILL, Grenoble)
1997 Member of the organizing committee of international conference "Neutron Texture and Stress Analysis", Dubna, Russia, 23/06/97-26/06/97
1996 Scientific secretary of the INTAS project Nr. 94-3239 "Calibration of volume residual stress measurements by neutron diffraction technique and applications" collaborator’s meeting and international workshop "Residual Stresses and Neutron Diffraction", Dubna, Russia, 24/05/96-26/05/96
1994 - 1995 Scientific coordinator of user policy in FLNP JINR (Dubna, Russia)
1986 - 1988 Military service