The main tasks facing the Department are:


  • development and manufacturing of gas position-sensitive detectors, scintillation detectors, refrigerators and cryostats and equipping of the IBR-2 spectrometers with these devices;
  • provision of electronic equipment, computers and software for the available, modernized and newly created spectrometers to carry out investigations in the field of condensed matter physics at the IBR-2 reactor;
  • support and development of FLNP information-computing infrastructure;
  • network and computer support of basic facilities, technical departments and administrative services of the Laboratory.


The solution of the specified tasks in the framework of the theme “Development and Creation of Elements of Neutron Spectrometers for Condensed Matter Investigations” is in charge of the Department of Spectrometers Complex of the IBR-2 reactor. The activities of the Department cover the following main directions:


  • development and creation of new gas position-sensitive detectors (1D and 2D PSD based on multiwire proportional chambers with delay line data readout and with individual signal readout from each wire, other types of gas detectors)
  • development and manufacturing of specialized scintillation detectors for neutron diffractometry (thermal neutron counters based on scintillation screens comprised of mixture of ZnS(Ag) and 6LiF powders and with light collection by photomultipliers using spectrum-shifting fibers, scintillation PSD, data acquisition electronics)
  • design and manufacturing of new refrigerators and cryostats for a temperature range from 0.3 to 300 K
  • detector electronics (preamplifiers, shaping-amplifiers for all types of detectors, discriminators, linear gates, power suppliers, ADC, TDC, etc.)
  • data acquisition and accumulation systems (time encoders, intermediate and incremental memories, event code formers, devices to control accumulation time and beam characteristics, special-purpose processors for filtering and preliminary data processing, interfaces, etc.)
  • control systems of spectrometer actuators and sample environment devices (power amplifiers and controllers for various types of step motors, sample moving/change devices, neutron beam choppers, furnaces, refrigerators, etc.)
  • computers (engineering support of standard processors, PC, workstations, servers, terminals, peripheral devices and local network)
  • software for experimental setups, system software (control over spectrometer equipment and experiment as a whole, data acquisition and accumulation, operating systems, standard packages of graphical presentation and preliminary processing of data, application software, design automation systems, e-mail, information security, etc.)


Work in each specified direction is carried out by the corresponding subdivisions of the Department.