List of the vacant scientific research positions FLNP JINR. Call 2019


Vacancy №


FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-01

Condensed Matter Physics:

inelastic neutron scattering

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-02

Condensed Matter Physics:

 neutron diffractometers

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-03

Condensed Matter Physics:

neutron reflectometry

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-04

Condensed Matter Physics:

new SANS machine development

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-05

Condensed Matter Physics:

detector development

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-06


Condensed Matter Physics:

Monte Carlo simulation of neutron instruments

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-07

Condensed Matter Physics:

new Dubna neutron source development

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-08

Nuclear Physics:

development of equipment for generation of polarized neutrons for nuclear physics investigations

 FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-09

Nuclear Physics: UCN and VCN facility development

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-10


theoretical model of nonlinear optical processes in Raman microspectroscopy

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-11


methods for statistical analysis of reactor data

FLNP JINR-PostDoc-2019-12


reactor stability investigations